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  • Company name : Polska Zegluga Morska (POLSTEAM) Poland

    Polish shipping company

    • Scrapped ships

      Armia Krajowa (IMO:8813946)

      Built: 1991/01/01
      Scrapped: 18-05-2014 in India, Alang

      Vanuatu Bulker

      Armia Ludowa (IMO:8502535)

      Built: 1987/01/01
      Scrapped: 10-05-2015 in Bangladesh, Chittagong

      Liberia Bulker

      Legiony Polskie (IMO:8919611)

      Built: 1991/01/01
      Scrapped: 15-09-2014 in Pakistan, Gadani

      Vanuatu Bulker

      Maciej Rataj (IMO:8219322)

      Built: 1985/01/01
      Scrapped: 28-05-2013 in Bangladesh, Chittagong

      Malta Bulker

      Major Hubal (IMO:8219310)

      Built: 1985/01/01
      Scrapped: 30-03-2013 in India, Alang

      Malta Bulker

      Orleta Lwowskie (IMO:8813960)

      Built: 1991/01/01
      Scrapped: 15-09-2014 in Pakistan, Gadani

      Vanuatu Bulker

      Polska Walczaca (IMO:9011923)

      Built: 1992/01/01
      Scrapped: 11-02-2015 in Bangladesh, Chittagong

      Vanuatu Bulker

      Solidarnosc (IMO:8813934)

      Built: 1991/01/01
      Scrapped: 27-08-2015 in Pakistan, Gadani

      Vanuatu Bulk Carrier

      Stanis (IMO:8502559)

      Built: 1988/01/01
      Scrapped: 15-10-2013 in Bangladesh, Chittagong

      Saint Kitts and Nevis Bulker

      Szare Szeregi (IMO:8813958)

      Built: 1991/01/01
      Scrapped: 27-09-2014 in Pakistan, Gadani

      Vanuatu Bulker

      General Dabrowski (IMO:8124292)

      Built: 1982/01/01
      Scrapped: 20-04-2011 in Bangladesh, Chittagong

      Panama Bulker

      Penelope (IMO:8908870)

      Built: 1996/01/01
      Scrapped: 18-06-2011 in India, Mumbai

      Bahamas Tanker (Sulphur )

      Uniwersytet Slaski (IMO:7637852)

      Built: 1979/01/01
      Scrapped: 06-01-2010 in Bangladesh, Chittagong

      Malta Bulker

      Ziemia Chelminska (IMO:8207769)

      Built: 1984/01/01
      Scrapped: 30-11-2011 in India, Alang

      Liberia Bulker

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